Leadership on Main Mark Scheffler

Featured Guest

Mark Scheffler

Executive Director
Timken Foundation of Canton

Hosted by Justin Hilton

In the special edition of Walk a Mile with Akron Leaders, former Leadership Akron president, Mark Scheffler, joins host Justin Hilton at Summit Metro Parks Clinton Trailhead, which extends from Summit County through Stark County. Mark’s transition to Executive Director of the Timken Foundation offers an opportunity to look back on his nearly thirteen-year career at Leadership Akron. In this episode, Mark explores how the foundation laid in his early years of faith, family, and responsibility serves as the guiding force for his leadership. Justin prompts Mark to reflect back on those who have been instrumental in his success, his ideas that manifested into reality, and what he envisions for his future in Stark County. Tune in to hear Mark Scheffler’s final Walk a Mile with Akron Leaders interview.

Thank you, Mark, for your impact on Leadership Akron and the Akron community!

Key Timestamps

2:50 From Summit to Stark County

"It's also a testament to the fact that there are many assets that these two great communities share in common and in many ways their wellbeing may be more connected to one another than we may think at first glance."

Visit a Summit Metro Park near you or explore Clinton Trailhead.

12:24 Mark's discovery of fund development and the nonprofit sector

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to shape communities or to make a difference through public service ... the thought of being part of a private organization that can be more enterprising but still making a difference really appealed to me."

16:25 The path that led Mark to Leadership Akron

"The values that Leadership Akron stood for resonated with me so much ... and I’m so passionate about those things that, in the end, has carried me forward from that day."

19:14 Can you begin to put into words what it has meant to be the president for nearly 13 years?

"I would call it an honor and a joy. There's an honor in it in knowing both what Leadership Akron means to our community and also what we aspire for it to mean to our community."

28:45 The importance of mentorship and relationships

“You’re not exactly sure who is going to emerge as a particularly instrumental leader in your own journey or how you might emerge for someone else at any given moment in time, which is why it's so important to always be engaged and always be leading from our core values."

38:57 Legacy of leadership

"I think the best leaders are not necessarily thinking about what their legacy will be as much as serving faithfully ... If we all serve faithfully and bring our best to the mission that we've been entrusted with, then the legacy will take care of itself."