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Lisa King

Executive Director
Summit Metro Parks

Hosted by Jody Miller Konstand

In this episode of Walk a Mile with Akron Leaders, Lisa King, Executive Director of Summit Metro Parks, shares with Jody Miller Konstand how she uses her platform to create participatory leadership throughout the Metro Parks system. As Lisa and Jody walk a mile through Sand Run Metro Park, they explore the rich landscape and unique aspects of the park that make Sand Run a compelling place to visit. As Lisa reflects on her time as Executive Director, she places a large focus on voluntarism and developing the 'next generation of land stewards.' Lisa is continuously finding ways to engage young people in the Metro Parks in this new era of technology.

Tune in to hear how Lisa is using her role as the first female director of Summit Metro Parks to create lasting impact for the Greater Akron community.

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Key Timestamps

2:55 The Path that led Lisa to the Metro Parks

“I attribute my love for the outdoors to the things that we would do as a family growing up."

5:57 First Female Director of Summit Metro Parks

“I only know the way I want to do it. The leader I want to be is a compassionate leader, someone that listens well, and in addition to not being in this type of position before, I am charting my own way as a leader.”

11:16 Programs and Events at Summit Metro Parks

"We do anywhere from 50-70 programs monthly. There is a wide variety of programs, and the large share of them are free. There will occasionally be a small fee if there are materials involved. Usually $10 or less as we want to keep our programs free or inexpensive."

View a list of upcoming programs and events.

17:22 The New Shady Hollow Lodge

"In February of 2016, we had an unfortunate fire, where our beloved Shady Hallow Lodge burned to the ground. It was one of our most popular lodges, so we knew that we would want to almost immediately get right to design, and get that under construction as soon as possible. It is not a log cabin like we did before, we thought we could do better sustainably and make it more energy efficient."

You can reserve a lodge online or call 330-867-5511, Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

22:42 Creating the Younger Generation of Land Stewards

"One of my goals is creating our next generation of land stewards. Trying to find new ways to engage the younger generation with and without technology."

30:52 Impact of Leadership Akron

"The first thing that I would say about Leadership Akron, the Signature Class that I was involved in, is that there were so many things that I did not know about Akron that I learned, and I am forever grateful for. I have so much more compassion for those in our community that need those services and for those that volunteer their time. That propels me to want to give back too."