Leadership on Main Madhu Sharma

Featured Guest

Madhu Sharma

Executive Director
International Institute of Akron

Hosted by Jeremy Lile

February's Leadership on Main was an engaging conversation with Madhu Sharma, Acting Executive Director for the International Institute of Akron, moderated by Jeremy Lile, Executive Director of Heart to Heart. Madhu chatted with Jeremy about her work serving the people who immigrate to the United States, first as an attorney in immigration law for 20 years, and most recently at IIA as the Executive Director.

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Madhu's family left India and come to New London, Ohio while she was still an infant. One of the key experiences that shaped her outlook was theĀ  experience of growing up in the 70's as an immigrant in a small rural community. Listen in as she shares her thoughts on what we as a nation, as a community, and as individuals can and should do to develop stronger more truly integrated and diverse communities. She also offers some unique insights on leading with vulnerability as a strength.