Leadership on Main Justin Hilton

Featured Guest

Justin Hilton

Senior Administrator for Community Outreach
Kent State University

Hosted by Sherry Neubert

May’s Leadership on Main featured Justin Hilton, Senior Administrator for Community Outreach at Kent State University, and was moderated by his fellow Leadership Akron Signature Class 27 classmate, Sherry Neubert Vice President and Chief Information Officer of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. In this episode, Justin Hilton recapped his life’s journey to success as he shared his primary sources of motivation and how he chose to redesign his life as a result of who he wanted to be, not as the world said he should be. It was through this journey that Justin identified his list of wants, needs, dreams, desires and goals that would be the driving force to achieve this success. At Kent State University, Justin has had the opportunity to work as a professor helping countless students. Later moving into administrative and community work, he has been able to help thousands of people establish their dreams and goals. Justin credits Kent State University as the avenue that has allowed him to help others redesign their lives and see what they can become. For Justin’s life purpose, he chose to define his life in three words: fill found needs. These are the guiding principles that help him continue to be a servant leader in all aspects of his life, and for others he encounters.

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