Leadership on Main Kemp Boyd

Featured Guest

Kemp Boyd

Director, Vassel Comprehensive Care Center
Pastoral Counseling Service of Summit County

Head Football Coach
Kenmore-Garfield High School

Hosted by Justin Hilton

In this episode of Walk a Mile with Akron Leaders, Kemp Boyd, Director of Vassel Comprehensive Care Center Pastoral Counseling Service of Summit County and Head Coach of Kenmore-Garfield High School, shares with Justin Hilton of Kent State University, how he uses his platform to challenge those around him to achieve their full potential. As Justin and Kemp walk a mile around Kenmore-Garfield High School, they examine the responsibilities and importance of being a servant leader both on the football field and out in the community. Kemp holds himself to high standards as a leader, a coach, and most importantly, a man. He strives to set an example for the young men on his football team, to help set them up on a successful path for the future. Kemp goes above and beyond to even be a role model for those who might not have a male figure in their lives. Tune in to hear how Kemp developed his transformational servant leadership style and how he's using it to help guide some of Akron's future leaders.

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Key Timestamps

1:43 Significance of Kenmore Garfield Heights

“Now we get the opportunity to be the first. Not to rewrite the history but to make our own history.”

7:57 Kemp's passion to coach sparked at the age of 10

“When things are not going, maybe, the way I want them to go, whether it is on the field or in my career. I reflect back on my why.”

16:15 The Leadership Akron experience — being a “leader among leaders”

“Obviously this is a very esteemed leadership program in Akron and its like, man, do I belong?”

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22:29 Vision for our Community

“I think the one thing that I see from my Leadership Akron experience: there’s a lot of people that love Akron. That take pride in living in Akron, Summit County and that really want to give back to that.”

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26:48 Community Engagement — Why?

"We're all called to give back in the gift of ourselves. My gifts and my talents are not necessarily for me, but it's for me to give out to others and that's why it's important to me."

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