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Jon Fiume

Chief Operating Office
Mustard Seed Market & Cafe

Hosted by Mark Scheffler

In this episode of Walk a Mile with Akron Leaders, Jon Fiume, Chief Operating Officer of Mustard Seed Market & Cafe, shares his leadership journey with Leadership Akron’s past president Mark Scheffler as they walk around Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens. Jon serves as a current board member for Stan Hywet and enjoys the outdoor landscape it has to offer. Through his Leadership Akron Signature experience, Jon found where his passions lie in the community, which prompted his board service. “My eyes opened up to every different sector that makes up a community,” he mentioned. In his role at Mustard Seed and numerous roles prior, Jon has made the ‘customer experience’ a hallmark that guides his work. As a board member, chief operating officer and a community leader, Jon paves the way to make a lasting impact on the Akron area. 

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Key Timestamps

1:43 Growing up in Akron, Ohio

5:43 Jon's Leadership Akron Experience

“Through the Leadership Akron experience, my eyes opened up to every different sector that makes up a community.”

9:58 Finding Your Passion for Board Service

“As one continues to serve and grow in their own development, it also increases their self-awareness. You sorta find through that process 'what is it that you really enjoy?' ... and so, you tend to look for some opportunities that not only use your skills but at the same time may push you out of your comfort zone a little bit, so that you can learn some different components of whatever that is that you have some passion about.”

16:13 Providing Exceptional Customer Experience

“When you come to shop with us, we want to make sure it feels comfortable, we want to make sure that you feel appreciated, that you can feel, taste touch—so everything we're doing is being driven by those components ... let’s provide the most exceptional service no matter what we’re doing.”

22:39 Hopes for Akron's Future & the Next Chapter...

“I would hope that Akron still has a very vibrant and alive arts and culture scene—one that is tied to the economic vitality of the community in a very positive way. I would hope that certainly Mustard Seed is still on the map in Akron, stronger than ever. I would love to see us expand our offerings in a variety of ways...”