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Hillary Stewart

Senior Analyst, Performance Improvement


Hosted by Mark Scheffler

In this episode of Walk a Mile with Akron Leaders, Hillary Stewart, Senior Analyst in Performance Improvement at FirstEnergy and President of Torchbearers, joins Mark Scheffler, President of Leadership Akron, as they walk a mile through the North Hill Neighborhood that Hillary calls home. When Hillary and her husband were searching for their first home, staying local to Akron was their only stipulation—but when they looked at North Hill, the rich culture and endless opportunities sold the two. As Hillary looks forward to the year ahead as Torchbearers President, she also reflects on the collaborative partnership between Leadership Akron and Torchbearers. A Torchbearer since 2013, Hillary Stewart has been prepped and primed for her role as President. In this episode, Hillary sheds light on the trajectory that led her where she is today. Her love of Akron is only matched by her drive to provide emerging leaders with opportunities to connect and develop as she did through her Torchbearers experience.

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Key Timestamps

1:55 Hillary and her North Hill neighborhood

“The more we thought about North Hill as a potential location, we got even more excited about it just with all the opportunity there is in this neighborhood right now.” Click here to read article exploring the unique North Hill neighborhood.

4:47 Torchbearers Inspiration

“When I made the decision to apply, I didn’t know anyone who was actually there yet. But I knew at that point in my career that I was really looking for some of the tools to be a better leader both in the community and at FirstEnergy.” Learn more about Torchbearers

13:53 Torchbearers Today and Tomorrow

2018 marks the 15th year of Torchbearers! Consider joining Torchbearers at the Anniversary event on February 22nd to hear more about the future of Torchbearers. Visit the Torchbearers’ website to find out more about their Anniversary event.

18:35 Mentorship along the way

“Amanda Leffler. She is a female in a career path that’s not that different from mine who’s just enough years ahead of me on that curve. She’s just been able to be a really good friend and mentor.”

21:59 How did you prepare for your presidency at Torchbearers?

“In late 2013 we implemented a program [at FirstEnergy] called FEConnect that I used to run ... FEConnect is administered similar to Torchbearers. I had the opportunity to lead that program first while I still had some of the resources and advice from senior leaders in the company. I think that’s really strengthened my ability now to come into Torchbearers with a strong set of experience.”