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Dan Flowers

President / CEO
Akron Canton Regional Foodbank

Hosted by Justin Hilton

In this episode of Walk a Mile with Akron Leaders, Dan Flowers, President and CEO of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, explores the evolution of his leadership philosophies with long-time friend, Justin Hilton. As they walk along the Ohio & Erie Canalway Towpath near the Foodbank, Dan traces his path from growing up in Flint, Michigan, to leading the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank as the CEO. He shares the stories behind some of the key leadership and life lessons he learned over the years. Through everything, Dan's hardworking "get-it-done" attitude and drive to balance results with humanity has enabled him to make a next level impact on the people he leads.

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Key Timestamps

5:45 The struggles of college

"I hope that all of our universities never forget there are young people that are smart that don’t fit into these conventional roles that can be creative, contributing members of society."

11:40 Stay the course

“If you're faithful to relationships and people and friends you're going to come out on the other side of that and say 'wow! There's so much depth here that I could have never gotten any other way.' ”

13:30 Finding the balance between results and humanity

"I've gotta say without question my hardest times in leadership have been when there's something going on with one of my people ... I think in this job as a whole what's been hardest for me to grapple with is the pressure to balance the results of the organization with the humanity of the people that those results depend on."

19:05 Leading and Reading

“People see that and they're like 'this guy is always reading something and that somehow has become the fertilizer in his soil of thought.' I really think that sharing stories about books just brings people to the well.”

24:48 Realizing the type of leader you want to be

“It was a defining moment for me and it caused me to step back and say 'I don't know how to be the kind of leader I want to be but I'm going to find a way.' ”