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Betsy & Ryan Hartschuh

Betsy Hartschuh
Co-Founder, Akron Children's Museum
Attorney, Witschey Witschey & Firestine Co. LPA

Ryan Hartschuh
Co-Founder, Akron Children's Museum
Innovation Manager, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Hosted by Jody Miller Konstand

In this episode of Walk a Mile with Akron Leaders, Betsy and Ryan Hartschuh, Co-Founders of the Akron Children’s Museum, joins Jody Miller Konstand on a walk through the Akron Children’s Museum in Lock 3 in the heart of downtown Akron. Betsy and Ryan reflect on their leadership journey, their upbringing, and how they decided to bring a children’s museum to Akron, Ohio. When visiting other cities, they learned that nearly 70% of cities the size of Akron have children’s museums. This led Betsy and Ryan to meet with community partners to see if a children’s museum in Akron would be viable. In 2016, the Akron Children’s Museum opened its doors for the first time. Within one year, the Museum saw 55,000 visitors, which has made a positive economic impact on downtown Akron. Tune in to hear what it took to bring the Akron Children’s Museum to reality.

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Key Timestamps

2:18 Why start a children's museum in Akron?

“We got a little bit tired of hearing how other cities had more opportunities for families than Akron cause we know that Akron is a really great place to raise kids.”

6:35 The influence of Mark Scheffler and Dave Lieberth on the Akron Children's Museum

16:09 Voluntarism and service learning

“My friends, housemates and I volunteered at a women's shelter. Through that experience, I realized I wanted to find a career where I could help people.”

22:10 Family life: building an ethic of hard work

“Keep striving, get things done, and don’t make too much noise about it, and good things come to you eventually.”

32:10 Servant leadership influenced through Goodyear CLI

“When I was in the CLI program I heard a lot about servant leadership. This idea of putting the environment together that allows others to succeed that gives them the tools and information they need to be successful and motivating and empowering them to make something great. It doesn’t have to always be on us.”