Lieberth Community Vision Award

The Lieberth Community Vision Award event will NOT be held in 2020. It is difficult to recreate the uniqueness of this event virtually. In its place we will host a virtual event, Celebrating Our Alumni, on December 3. The same creative team will plan this event, and there will be sponsorship opportunities. The 2021 Lieberth honoree will be announced at this event.

Leadership Akron created the Lieberth Community Vision Award in November 2012, to honor the life and leadership of Dave Lieberth upon his retirement as Deputy Mayor and Chief of Staff of the City of Akron. A founder and life trustee of Leadership Akron, Lieberth has been known for bringing vision, pragmatism, and a relentless work ethic to his involvement in countless community causes.


The Lieberth Community Vision Award will be given each year to a leader who exemplifies the type of leadership that Dave has modeled and Leadership Akron seeks to foster, in consideration of the criteria below:

Community-centered leadership

The recipient will be known for putting aside individual agendas and looking at opportunities, challenges, and issues through the lens of the whole community.

Impact on Akron

The recipient’s leadership has shaped the Akron community in significant ways.


The recipient’s leadership has impacted multiple sectors in the Akron community, not just one specific area.

Involvement in Leadership Akron

The recipient has played a meaningful role in advancing the mission and work of Leadership Akron. S/he may or may not be an actual graduate of Leadership Akron.

Pragmatism/Hard Work

The recipient is known for his/her work ethic, willingness to go the extra mile, and problem-solving ability when advancing community. S/he does not hesitate to plunge into the sometimes unglamorous details to get the job done.


Thank you to our generous sponsors and all who came out to celebrate Dr. David James on November 14, 2019! A special thank you to the staff, board members, and students of Akron Public Schools for providing us with so many wonderful resources to honor Dr. James. 

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Meet Our Past Honorees

We have had the honor of celebrating the leadership of these individuals with the Lieberth Community Vision Award. 

Dave Lieberth | 2012

Life Trustee of Leadership Akron, "Celebrating the Art of Dave Lieberth"

Marie Covington | 2013

Covington Communications, "In the right hands, the seed of a dream can come to life"

Tim Fitzwater | 2014

"Leadership in Motion"

Brian Moore | 2015

Roetzel and Andress, "Leadership in Harmony"

Theresa Carter | 2016

OMNOVA Solutions Foundation, "Grace in Motion"

Laura Culp | 2017

Sikich, LLP, "A Story of Extraordinary Leadership"

Robert w. malone | 2018

Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLC, "Riding the Wave of Leadership"

DR. DAVID w. jAMES | 2019

Akron Public Schools, "All About the Kids"