Supporting Leaders Toward Racial Equity - Take Action!

4th and final session of series – Zoom event

We began our series Supporting Leaders Toward Racial Equity by assessing where we, as leaders, were regarding racial inequities and longstanding societal issues. The next two sessions educated us about racial equity issues in two key areas: health care and the justice system. The objective of our next forum is to give you the tools and resources to drive racial equity within your organization and our community.  We have asked individuals to share information about the following resources and how you can learn more if you are interested personally, or for your business or organization. 

  • Intercultural Development Inventory
  • Racism Addressed through Community Engagement
  • Greater Akron Chamber’s 21-Day Challenge
  • White Men’s Caucus: White Men as Full Diversity Partners
  • Recommended Readings on the topic of Racism and Racial Equity 

You will both hear from those providing these resources and get feedback from some community leaders who have already accessed these resources for their organizations.

 Please join us on Thursday, October 29, from 8:30am-10am via Zoom for this important session!