Shift Akron 2019

Shift Akron will bring leaders across sectors together to explore the shifts in perspective, direction and tactics that will drive the next decade of change in the city.

Join us as we continue moving Akron toward inclusive leadership with a participant driven, interactive workshop. Whether you are an expert in diversity, just beginning to implement these practices, or simply want to understand more about what inclusive leadership entails, Shift Akron will provide a valuable framework for supporting you, your organization, and our community. With over 20 qualified facilitators, you will have the opportunity to enhance and develop your practices to ultimately move Akron to a more inclusive culture. This culture shift is the key in reaching our potential as a thriving community. 

Join us at Shift Akron and be the changemaker we need to transform Akron to a more intentionally inclusive, diverse culture!


Registration closes Tuesday, April 30, 2019.